Artist Statement

My artwork reflects three core values which are fundamentally spiritual in nature. The first principle that guides my painting is that there is purpose and meaning in the universe. Although deeply conscious of the confusion and disillusion of our world, I look for ways to reflect and magnify the stunning beauty of order and simplicity which often escapes us in our fragmented, broken lives. Thus, my artwork beckons people to quiet wonder and hopeful reflection, inviting them to pause and meditate on what is truly important in life.

My artwork is also inspired by a firm belief in the unique value and contribution of every person on the planet. Although I have a strong vision for all my artistic landscapes, I am always mindful of the viewer. How will this piece affect someone who happens to walk through a gallery and sees it for the first time? How can this commissioned painting reflect the individual personality of my clients and enhance the beauty of their physical space? A well-done piece of art should do more than make a statement; it should make a vital connection with the viewer’s soul. 

Finally, I see my artwork as a means to inspire people with the possibility of redemption. Using color and texture instead of words, I create visual poetry that gives people hope. Yes, we’ve all made mistakes. Yes, we all have problems to deal with. But we don’t need to live in despair. The Ultimate Artist, the One who created the awe-inspiring natural wonders of our planet – every waterfall, every forest, every ocean, every cloud formation – is able to bring beauty out of ashes. Every sunrise heralds the potential of a new beginning and a glimmer of hope.

© Evan Roy Dahlke 2006-2020